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Paparazzi Experience

Show off your best moves!

Step into the spotlight at every occasion with the 2024 essential addition – the Paparazzi Booth!

Whether it's a wedding, a big bash, or a corporate shindig, get ready for top-notch videos and give your guests and clients a taste of Hollywood they'll be talking about for ages!

Image by Alexander Grey

Lights, Camera, Red Carpet Glamour


Capture the perfect shot for you and your event guests with our cutting-edge Paparazzi Booth and top-notch event ambassadors.


Our Paparazzi booth offers an innovative cinematic photo and video experience that combines immersive visuals and engaging videos to entertain event guests and create amazing content.

Paparazzi is perfect for:



Corporate events

Special occasions

Experiential activations


Step into our Paparazzi Experience and bring the red carpet glamour to every occasion. Our event  will assist in organizing guests and orchestrating a video experience and content creation that will leave a lasting impression.

Image by Isi Parente


Our Paparazzi  photo booth offers videos that stands out from the rest.

The unique videos produced provide guests with a distinct Hollywood-style output.


Event attendees can view their video and promptly send themselves the video file via text or QR code.

Each video is perfectly sized and timed for easy sharing on various social media platforms.


Let our event professionals create a memorable red carpet experience for event attendees.

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